Body Panel Repair

Use our body panel repair service to restore your car or van to its best shape. We will also ensure that you receive a great colour match. In cases where you have a whole section or panel that needs attention, we can provide this. We will help restore your car, van, or other vehicle to a condition that reinstates its aesthetics pre incident. We are happy to help you restore panels whether you have a personal or domestic vehicle, restoring a perfect body shape, strength, and colour match. Get in touch with us by phone or email for more information.

Panel Repair

In situations where your panel is repairable, we will do just that. We can help you fill and smooth out any scratches or gouges, remove any markings, and indeed, remove any dents. When panels receive damage, they can sometimes drift out of position, this will be a result of the brackets and their arms bending during any impact or collision. In these scenarios, we will look to restore them to their previous form. Therefore, the position of your panel, as well as its surface and position, will look as it should. We will always endeavour to restore your existing panel where possible. However, if we feel that you would be better off with a replacement, we will recommend this method for you.

Panel Replacement

When opting for a panel replacement, we can ensure the correct component is in order with respect to the exact make, age, and model of your particular vehicle. Sometimes, these may come pre-colour-matched and simply need installed. If they are not, then we can apply whatever colour required to match your vehicle’s chosen colour.

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