Car Batteries

At AWS Auto Services, we can perform a quick turnaround on car batteries. While batteries can go flat at any time of year, it is often the case that the colder weather of winter causes problems for many vehicle owners. The decrease in temperature lowers resistance in electrical circuits, therefore allowing a loss of electricity to occur with greater ease. This is the reason many people associate the cold weather with increased starting problems. We can identify if the battery, alternator, or starter motor is to blame, and provide the correct repair quickly. Call or email us for more information.


An alternator provides you with a supply of current while the vehicle is running, allowing you to use your lights and interior controls, as well as recharge your battery. If a battery is able to receive a good charge, and has good signs of health in general, then it may be the case that your alternator needs to have its running belt tensioned, or changed. We can quickly assess if its output is sufficient and replace it if required.

Starter Motors

Starter motors can also quite literally become a sticking point when trying to start your car. A common fault is their solenoid switches losing their sealing. This results in moisture entering the housing overnight and freezing, leaving you with an inoperable switch and therefore starter motor come the morning. These items can also be subject to wear. Whatever the case, we will identify the problem, and replace it if required.


You may have noticed your belt break while driving, or have diminished performance when it comes to electrical components, alongside sluggish starting. Or, you may have noticed the biggest symptom: squealing when the engine is running. This is most noticeable during moist environments when the engine is revving low. We can help tension and replace any belts in your engine bay.

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