Paintless Dent Removal

Use our paintless dent removal for a non-invasive fix to any affected areas on your vehicle. We can inspect your vehicle to see if the damage can be resolved with this method. Often a dent that can be resolved with this method is one which has been caused by an impact from an object such as a football hitting the bonnet or another area of the vehicle. These impacts result in deformed panels that retain the quality of their paintwork. With such scenarios, we can work to restore the shape and form of the bodywork without the need for paint. Call or email us for more information on this service.

How It Works?

This operation is usually performed by a technician manipulating the panel back to its former position from behind or underneath. Metal rods and picks are used to massage the body work to the former shape. With the correct technique, the shape is changed in a way that minimises stress and gross movements, allowing the paintwork to retain its integrity during the movements.

The Benefits

This method, as you can imagine, has a lot of benefits. It cuts down on materials for one thing, and completely avoids the need to match paints and perform all the sanding and spraying associated with traditional body repair. Because we essentially cut down a multistep process, we offer a quick resolution, meaning you spend less time without your vehicle.

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