Panel Beating

If you are looking for a reliable panel beating service in and around the area of Exeter, look no further. When we perform this specific service, we are usually concerned with areas of body work that have received significant scratches, gouges, or marking to their painted surfaces. In some cases, it may change the shape and positioning of the body work. Our services will remove any signs of the defect and ultimately restore the colour and texture of your car to its condition prior to the incident. If you would like to book this service, call or email us today.

Perfect Prep

When performing such work, preparation is key, and makes up the largest part of this type of work. Our team hosts highly qualified and experienced technicians, this ensures that the whole process is accounted for. Our technicians understand the value in perfect prep for any re-spraying for vehicles. They will work meticulously to ensure the surface is both structurally sound and visually perfect, ensuring the paint it will receive sits perfectly.

Spray Painting

Following a perfect preparation, the next stage is spray-painting. This aspect requires a good hand and understanding of the equipment used to apply the paint. Our compressors and spray guns are cleaned and serviced regularly to ensure a smooth and continuous application every time. Our technicians have steady hands, know how to adjust spray patterns accordingly, and have the ability to mix paint to get the exact colour required.

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