Rent A Ramp

Our Rent A Ramp service will give you a place to work with great access to your vehicle. This service has many benefits to those mobile mechanics and enthusiasts out there. Often, performing work on a driveway or other home location can be tedious and make a job take a lot longer, or even make it hard to justify performing yourself. With our Rent A Ramp service, you will have easy access, allowing you to perform work comfortably in a safe setting with access to our workshop and tools. Whether you need to perform a quick repair, work on an ongoing project vehicle, sort an in depth repair, create something new, or maintain a race vehicle, this provides the perfect solution. Get in touch with us to reserve a booking.

Your Personal Work Space

When you use our Rent A Ramp service, you will have a personal space within our workshop. Further to this, you will also have access to our range of mechanical tools, meaning you simply need to bring your vehicle, and not have to worry about remembering any tools, or need to perform any heavy lifting.

When using this service, we will ensure a brief training procedure is performed prior to use, so that you understand how our ramp and workshop rules help maintain your own and others safety.

Flexible Use

This flexible booking system is only limited by our opening times and existing bookings. Get in touch to check availability.

This includes a workbench, vices, lighting, comprehensive tool chest and tools, and of course 4 tonne vehicle hoist. All fully insured.

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