Brake Repair / Servicing In Exeter

Fed up of that squeaky, screeching, grinding, sound coming from the wheels?

Well, bring your vehicle for full brake service, and we will make sure that your breaks are safe and above all, they will work in case of an emergency stop.

If you are concerned about the condition of your car's brakes, we offer a variety of brake services at our garage.

From inspecting brakes to changing the brake fluid, our trained technicians will ensure that your brakes are in good working order.

Brake inspections should be performed on a regular basis as part of any vehicle’s preventative maintenance process.

They can detect a problem before it affects your braking efficiency, giving us the ability to restore your vehicle’s braking system’s effectiveness to its intended operating efficiency.

Here at AWS Auto Services Exeter, we understand the importance of regularly inspecting and maintaining your brakes to ensure they continue to operate properly.

Our Trust My Garage approved garage accreditation is a badge of excellence. We promise the highest levels of service as members of the respected Institute of the Motor Industry.

So whether you hear noises coming from the wheels, or you feel vibrations on the brake pedal, then it’s probably time for a service.

To ensure the safety of your brake components, schedule a brake fluid change. The majority of manufacturers advise changing this every 24 months or 24,000 miles, whichever comes first.

Break services, adjustments & repairs AWS Auto Services provide:

  • Brake pads replaced
  • Brake discs, cleaning and replacement services
  • Brake cylinder rust removal and replacement
  • Brake callipers replacement
  • Brake fluid system flush and top-up services
  • Brake, fuel line replacement
  • Seals replacement
  • Master cylinder replacement
  • ABS (anti-lock braking system) diagnostics and repairs
  • Hand brake parts replacement and adjustments
  • Brake warning light diagnosis
  • Brakes bleeding


AWS Auto Services is more than just a garage; we are the specialists in Exeter for all your vehicle service and repair requirements, no matter what kind of car or van you have!