Do you have an engine management light on or are you having car issues and you're not sure what's causing them?

Using the most up-to-date Snap-On diagnostic equipment, we can investigate the problem. Our equipment allows us to do anything a main dealer can do. The  only difference is, We're cheaper!

Vehicle Remapping

If your wanting to get the most out of your engine, in terms of fuel economy and performance, a remapping is the perfect service for you.

Overwriting your car’s ECU software with the new updated version will give you an almost immediate improvement, boosting overall performance by up to 35%

Our Trust My Garage approved garage accreditation is a badge of excellence. We promise the highest levels of service as members of the respected Institute of the Motor Industry.

Why use diagnostic equipment?

Most cars and vans on the road today contain more electronic components than they had a few years ago, making it more difficult to pinpoint the source of a problem. We can discover the problem with your vehicle faster than ever before with our state of the art diagnostic equipment, saving you time and money.

How does it all work?

Diagnostics is the process of scanning the software employed within the vehicle’s electrical components and reporting anything that is not as it should be, in order for the car or van to function correctly.

If a problem is discovered during the scan, a diagnostic issue code will be produced. We may then address the error and discover a solution to the problem using the code.

Why use AWS Auto Services?

With over 40 years of combined experience in car repairs and vehicle servicing in Exeter, you can trust AWS Auto Services to provide you with a quick, dependable, and trustworthy service. Call us today for FREE on 01392 574454 

AWS Auto Services is more than just a garage; we are the specialists in Exeter for all your vehicle service and repair requirements, no matter what kind of car or van you have!