Vehicle Rust Repair

Our vehicle rust repair service will help you extend the lifespan of your vehicle, maintaining its use and value. Rust is a problem that can go unnoticed and undetected for some time. The awareness of a vehicle suffering from rust often comes as a result from a failed MOT test. Perhaps you may have experienced a similar scenario recently, or have a vehicle which you wish to protect from the elements to prevent any rust from occurring in the first place. Whatever the case, we can perform repairs and install preventative measures, so you have short- and long-term results. Call or email us for more information.

Identifying The Cause

Rust can occur for many reasons. Generally, winter conditions and the use of salt on the roads to reduce ice cause oxidation of the metal surface of your vehicle. Perhaps you live close to the beach, or travel to such locations regularly? Finally, damage that causes exposure of underlying surfaces can allow ingress of moisture and contaminants that lead to rust. This can be easily identified when we discuss how you use your vehicle and perform a visual inspection. From here we can sort any repairs necessary, and also offer you protective treatments if you would benefit from them.

Solid Repairs

Our repairs will get you through that MOT, support your vehicle in the long term, and help it stand up to the elements. We can help you:

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