VW Campers

We specialise in VW campers. If you would like help restoring or customising your vehicle, we can help. VW campervans are massively popular. And for good reason! Their iconic style resonates through all their models. From the classic front-on image of a split screen, through to the modern versions we see today, you know you’re looking at a VW camper when one is in front of you. The lifestyle associated with these vehicles can range from those who use them as daily drivers and regular weekend adventurers through to those who restore them, park them up, and enjoy them on distinct occasions. Whatever you want from your Transporter, we are here to help. Get in touch with AWS Auto Services Today.

Repairs & Bodywork

We can help you with any body work or mechanical repairs you require for your VW camper. We highly recommend servicing these vehicles. VW engines are highly renowned for the longevity they offer, and the massive range of miles they are capable of achieving in their lifetime. Keeping any fluids/filters regularly up to date and specification will promote lubrication, cooling, and all other qualities required for optimal functioning, so that your vehicle maintains its smooth running. Further to this, we can help with many forms of mechanical repairs as well as paint and repairs if required. Whether you would like to bring the vehicle back to standard specifications, or personalise it to make it one of a kind, we can help.


If you have just acquired a project camper and wish to restore it, then we are here to help or assist. With our expertise, we can help you restore your camper to factory specifications, or indeed make a statement that will go far beyond the manufacturer’s original vision. Restoring a vehicle can often require multifaceted mechanical skills. We have an experienced team on hand, and a Rent A Ramp service. So whether you want us to take care of everything, have us help with certain elements, or do it all yourself, we can help you.

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