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VW Transporter T4 Common Problems.


If your tires are wearing unevenly, it might be due to a variety of things, or a combination of them! If the van has been lowered, this may have thrown off the steering geometry, which should be confirmed by a four-wheel alignment check. Another factor to consider is worn suspension bushes. On bumpy roads, knocks or clunks are frequently caused by worn bottom or top ball joints, drop links, or anti-roll bar bushes.


While the T4 has no serious known issues, a routine brake inspection of the hydraulic pipes and hoses, brake pads, brake discs, and other components should ensure everything is in good shape. If the van pulls to one side or the other when driving, it may be an indication that maintenance is needed.

The rear hand-brake cables can accumulate water over time and freeze up in really cold weather, making your hand-brake seem stuck on!! This can be fixed by replacing the rear hand brake cables. However, the front hand brake wire might deteriorate and fray/snap over time and should be changed as needed.

The only other point worth mentioning is that the brake Vac pumps (2.5 TDI) can wear out, resulting in a troubling tapping/knocking sound from the engine. 

(*TIP* To test, simply depress the brake pedal and listen for the noise to subside; if it does, that’s a good indication you’ll need a new brake Vac pump.)

Instrument Cluster

Oil light beeping and flashing. Although this might be an alarming light to have flashing on your T4, don’t panic. This problem is frequently caused by a faulty alternator or wiring (blue wire). Low and high engine speeds (worked out from the alternator) and low and high oil pressure sensors on the engine make up the oil pressure warning system, which is pretty temperamental.

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